As Abeokuta Club Celebrates 50th Anniversary, Panel On Interactive Session, Unanimously Says There’s MisGovernance At All The Three Tiers Of Government.


Perhaps in the Half A Century since The Egba Foremost Cultural Body, The Abeokuta Club was founded, there might not have been a better selection of panelists to discuss burning issues affecting the very survival of the Nigerian Nation, as enpamelled on Tuesday, 2nd August, 2022, to discuss the Topic, “Good Governance Or MisGovernance: The Contract Called Democracy.” at the Club’s Millennium Hall.

The Panel was chaired by the first Nigerian Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka while others included Human Right Lawyer and Activist, Femi Falana (SAN), Accounting Guru, Lawyer and Current Affairs Analyst, Dr. Gbenga Adeoye, JAMB Chief Executive Officer and Education Reformer, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, Iconic Industrialist and Education Investor, Chief OgoOluwa Bankole and Asiwaju Baamofin, Chief Sunday Odutan.

The All-Panel held the audience spell bound by their exposition which touched on virtually all facets of the nation’s problems and possible solutions.

The first African Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka noted that, the President should be impeached because he had breached the contract of democracy.

Prof. Soyinka disclosed that, he wished that rather than National Assembly waiting to impeach the President, kidnappers should fast track the process.

Speaking further, Professor Soyinka disclosed that, the terms on agreemennt for Good Governance had been grossly violated and therefore reiterated that, there was no need to wait till the expiration of that time before termination of the contract.

Prof. Soyinka also posited that, the President had also insisted on choosing his successor, a step which he described as breaching of democracy.

The Nobel Leaurate stated that, in any democracy, any President, Prime minister or whoever was entitled to one vote, shouldn’t disenfranchise somebody because they are on top of governance.

Professor Soyinka also berated the State Governors who reportedly visited President Buhari to request a successor, perhaps the government was telling its citizens, that after a failure has occupied a seat of government for eight years, that failure should give us another failure for another eight years.

In his contributions, Barrister Femi Falana argued that, people should make their representives work, adding that, they must allow pluralism as a way of life, as well as education which was for human capital development, but concluded that the governments at all levels, had destroyed the system.

Barr. Falana also faulted the President for seeking permission from the Governors to choose his successor.

Speaking further, he stated that, what Barr. Falana said that the President was trying to say was that, he should be allowed to choose another set of failures as his successor while several State Governors would also appoint their incompetent successors as well, without any interference.

The Human Right Activist also advised citizens to know their legislatures, noting that, many Nigerians didn’t know their Local Government chairmen because they were absentee leaders

He disclosed that, some 4 legislators in Lagos didn’t even have school certificate, whereas, these were the people at helm of affairs of that State.

The Barrister and an Abeokuta Grammar School SS3 girl had alleged that scores were being bought from corrupt JAMB & UTME Officials.

He concluded that corruption was the root of all the nation’s problems.

Meanwhile, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede strongly defended the position of the UTME and JAMB on allegation that scores were being promised.

The JAMB Registrar claimed that, under his watch, such could not happen.

He therefore challenged anyone with identifiable evidence, to come forward to expose such.

Prof. Oloyede stated that, Nigeria was a Federation without federating Units.

The Educationist also urged Nigerians to also berate the State Governments for their involvement in the failure of governance.

Speaking further, he disclosed that there was nothing, entrusted to the State governments, that had not failed, adding that, Primary Education was supposed to be at the residual level which the State and Local governments should take care of, whereas some Politicians were not ready to send their children to public schools anymore because the system was in chaos.

According to Prof. Oloyede, ASUU had been on strike for over 6 months and there was a time, Mr. President said he didn’t know about it, whereas he knew about the strike but was just indirectly telling the citizens that it was not an issue.

Chief OgoOluwa Bankole also speaking at the occasion, arguing that, it was unthinkable that democracy would thrive where the States’ Governors were the leaders of Political Parties.

Chief Bankole opined that, Abeokuta was supposed to be the home of industries, adding that, many top companies in Ogun had left, because of the bad roads connectivity in the State.

He added that, many companies had relocated to some better countries, where the tax levied on them was reasonable, considerate and was being used to further facilitate more infrastructures.

On Nigeria’s Legislators, Chief Bankole said that they had nothing to show as their accountability adding that rather, their selfish ambition had decimated development of their constituency because they were just consuming the nation’s wealth.

The Chairman, Premier Paint PLC therefore observed the inadequacy in governance, especially at the Local and the State Levels, noting that, people should engage them on performance.

Also in his address, Chief Sunday Odutan, the spokesman for 11 Electricity Companies, known as DISCOS, argued that transmission or transportation of the electricity was most important, explaining that, the problem was because government was incompetently holding on to it.

He disclosed further that, it was sad that 210 million were getting only 4,000 megawatts, whereas Adeola and Co Panel had advised Federal Government on the solutions to energy problems but the Government didn’t have political will to give electricity to Nigerians due to corruption.

Dr Gbenga Adeoye, a lawyer and an accountant, disclosed that solutions to Nigeria’s situation didn’t need a rocket science as researches had shown that resources were largely being mismanaged and diverted to non economic areas.

Dr Gbenga Adeoye argued that he had statistics to show that it would take lesser than few years to create jobs, rebuild infrastructures, and bring about national wealth without any difficulties.

He however lamented that the avaricious and consumptive appetite of political leadership of the nation, would not allow the growth and development.

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