Perhaps if Obasanjo had been enabled by Nigerians to lead the Country for another four years term, Nigeria’s growth and development would have been fast tracked to the extent of it being among the advanced and developed nations of the world.

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Making the new Imam and spiritual head of Egbaland Muslim Community, Sheikh Sa’adullah Bamigbola, made the remarks during his presentation to the Olowu in council, by the BabaAdeen of Egbaland, Navy Capt. Rasheed Raji, accompanied by the Egba Muslim leadership.

Sheikh Sa’ad Bamigbola argued that former President Olusegun Obasanjo was a Prophet and God-sent to Nigeria, Africa, and the world, adding that he had been carrying out such duties excellently well, even in the face of dangers.

The new Egba Chief Imam recalled that Obasanjo military government promised to return power to the civilian in 1979 and he did.

He also pointed out that his Civilian Presidency in 1999 promised to clean the Country of corruption, self-centered political and economic leadership, and infrastructural deficits.

According to Sheikh Bamigbola, the two term tenure was not enough to lay a solid foundation for his patriotic agendas, adding that perhaps the country would have been better off if he had had another four years to deliver his Messianic message to the nation.

The Muslim Community leader said it was sad to recall that the sound economy, good infrastructures, such as thirty-three Nigerian Airways aircraft, four refineries, among other things, relatively good foreign exchange, which were initiated by the former President, had no further development since his tenure.

He added that Perhaps no Nigeria’s President had done so much for Nigeria as Obasanjo to date.

Responding, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo thanked the new Imam of Egbaland, whom he described as a bridge builder, noting that his visit and formal presentation to the Owu Community, was a welcome development in Egbaland, adding that he, as the Balogun of Owu, and his Community at large, would always support the new Imam and his unifying program, not only for Egba Muslims, but also for the peace, progress, and prosperity of Egbaland as a whole.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo noted that Egbaland was a very good example of Federalism before the existence of Nigeria as a Federation and enjoined other Nigerians to come to Abeokuta and learn how Egbaland ran its traditional federating units for the common growth of Egbas at home and abroad.

The former President advised the Chief Imam to always stand by the truth, and should regard himself as, “Primus Inter Pares,” first among equals, and should therefore treat every section of Egbaland Muslims and non Muslims as equals.


The entourage of Egba High Chiefs led by the BabaAdeen of Egbaland, Chief Rasheed Raji, included the Taiyese of Egbaland, Alhaji Ismail Epemolu, Ahaji Isiak Goke Okedairo, Lukotun of Egbaland, Alhaji Nojeem Adekunle, Aare Ago Muslumi Oke Ona, the Aare Baaroyin, Chief Layi Labode among others.

The Egba Muslim Clerics at the occasion included Alhaji Taofeek Amolegbe, the Mufasir of Egbaland; Alhaji Sherif Abiodun, Bada Muslumi Egba; Ahaji Daudu Afuape, the Olori Ratibi of Egbaland; Sheikh Mufasir Alawuye, Khadai Islam of Egbaland; Alhaji Musiliu Nosir, Imam of Oke Ona; Prof. Kamar Balogun, Imam of Gbagura; Alahaji Suleiman A. Kehinde, Imam of Owu, and others.

The Owu High Chiefs present at the event were the Balogun of Owu, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo; the Eekerin and Sultan of Owu, Chief M. Ola Yusuf; Chief Isola Akinsipo, the Akogun of Owu; the Seriki of Owu, Prof. Ajayi Adelekan; Chief Doja Adewole, the Otun of Owu; Chief Niyi Adegbenro, the Osi of Owu; Chief Akin Akande, the Aare Ago of Owu; and the Otun Iyalode, Chief (Mrs) M. Obimakinde.

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