Dapo Abiodun: The Heavy Task Before Remmy Hazzan


Before now, a blogger, Emmanuel Ojo has been acting as Dapo Abiodun’s spokesperson. Only God knows why he was ‘thrown out’ for the emergence of Hon. Remmy Hazzan last week.

But it seems some people ganged up against Ojo. They felt he does not have what it takes to manage the image of the governorship candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress.

“Ojo tried his best, especially during that controversial primaries. It seems Dapo Abiodun knows how to sideline people who laboured for him.” said one of his followers.

Having said this, no one could have imagined that it was Remmy Hazzan who would take up the job of Dapo Abiodun’s spokesperson.

He has not said a word since his appointment though, let’s just agree he is fully ready to do the job.

We all know nobody has been speaking for Abiodun in the past few weeks; so journalists in Ogun State are waiting to hear some things from the new image maker. A press briefing will do.

Our dear former lawmaker should understand that the task before him is herculean and taxing.

Today in Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun’s image is like a white piece of cloth soaked in blood for many days and you are to wash it to regain its immaculate and impeccable purity.

In the process of washing, remember you will get your hands and your dress stained too, yet the cloth may no longer regain its whiteness.

There are many questions begging for answers. Those in Abiodun’s media team have kept quiet because they know some words are better left unsaid; some allegations are not defendable.

That was why Kemi Adeosun remained quiet until she resigned and left the country.

How will you defend the fact that your principal dodged the mandatory NYSC scheme having graduated at 26?

What will you say caused the discrepancies in the forms he submitted to INEC in 2015 and 2019?

Why did he submit only his WAEC certificate, leaving out his university degrees?

Aside this, has Dapo Abiodun cleared his name of the allegation that he was among the fuel subsidy thiefs?

There are lots of issues entangled to his image as an individual. Hope the new spokesperson will address all one by one.

This is wishing Remi Hassan good luck in his new assignment.

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