Diesel Hike: I’m sweating already Obasanjo Laments Over High Cost Of diesel


The former President of federal republic of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo has lamented over the high cost of diesel devaluation of naira to dollar in the market.  

Obasanjo diaclosed that, he had been sweating over the skyrocketing price of diesel and often devaluation of naira to dollar.

He made this known during the Southwest fish farmers’ congress held at the Oopl auditorium on August 2nd in Abeokuta, the state capital.

While speaking with the fish farmers, Obasanjo said, “The situation now is arising where fish farmers will have to do something objective, so they don’t sink individually.”

Obasanjo who was a fish famer said, diesel has gone sky high and it will continue to go high, high because the management of the economy of the country is not what it should be, for some of us that have to use diesel in producing fish, the cost of diesel would make us completely go backrouptly  and when that happens, people will continue to eat fish. Fish production in Nigeria will be out, and  people would be producing it outside the country and dumping it Nigeria, so you would go poor, jobless, and indegent.” He said

He reiterated that many of the fish farmers who are using diesel in their production may not be able to produce a kilo of fish with less than Naira 1,400 because of the high cost of diesel. He added that he is already sweating because he uses diesel for production.

” Because I use diesel and I’m already sweating. I’m already sweating he emphasised”.

“If the price would  not go down, anybody using Diesel today,  I don’t know how you do your calculation, my own was that I cannot produce a kilo of fish with less than 1400naira that was what it count as at today”. He posited.

In his submission, the President of the Southwest price sustainability group of fish famers, Mr. Olatunbosun Amo, noted that climatic change was one of the major problems that fish famers are facing in the country.

He said flood disasters had been a major challenge to the fish farmers, adding that it was not what the state government alone can do.

Amo narrated that over 500 million worth fish farm were lost to flood disaster in Iko-igbago at Ijebu ode recently,  urged that federal government should do well in providing a water drainage to prevent flood annual deluge.

He also explained that another major challenge the fish farmers were facing was the skyrocketing of feed prices, which was associated with some other things.

He stated that fish famers usually find it difficult to sell out at a particular price because why they are trying to sell,  the buyer in the past were the one dictating for them and “now we are trying to change the narrative”.

“We have produced 1.120 million tons of fish and the target is 3.6 million. That is the fish consumption annually in Nigeria today.”

“In Nigeria today,  we are importing 2.4million tonage of fish to meet up for the deficit, and that is to say that we still need do more,  we need more people to go into fish farming”. He said

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