The Documentation of Your Professional Experiences, In And Out of Government, Shall Be An Enduring Legacy To Town Planning And Solutions To Many Avoidable Problems In Nigeria.”


The former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has described the the documentation of Dr. Abiodun Stephen Adewolu’s experiences in Town Planning, within and outside his services in both Federal and State Governments, as an enduring legacy.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo made the remarks, at the launching of Stephen Adewolu’s Book, Urban And Regional Planning In Nigeria (A Public Service Perspective), including his knowledge of expertise, on the issues concerning urban and regional planning in Nigeria.

Chief Obasanjo noted that, he had read the book and confirmed that, Adewolu was making a strong statement on how, the people could solve climate change, environmental degradation, plastic waste endemic and many other issues, which we could only ignore at our own peril

The Balogun Owu reiterated that, he had known Adewolu for many years, as a sincere, committed and loyal professional, when he was in service, adding that, Adewolu had paid his dues as a super practitioner

The former President said that Town Planner Adewolu was now making his knowledge available for the benefits of mankind especially, Nigerians.

Obasanjo explained that, if people wanted to live in a wholesome environment, they should plan their town layouts properly, including where houses were supposed to be built, the direction a building should face, apportioned spaces, where they were meant to be, between houses.

He recalled that Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory was well planned initially and had become a slum when he came back into office in 1999, as a civilian President of the federation.

The African Icon therefore reaffirmed with belief that, with such valuable knowledge, skill and gift, TPL Adewolu possessed, he would go places and perform excellently for the nation

Also the former Commissioner of Transportation in Lagos, Professor Bamidele Badejo attributed the TPL Adewolu with good qualities, as he described the Book as a great achievement.

He noted that, if a civil servant was able to document his experiences under an almost absolute power of governments,with his academic background, and professionalism, he must be one, who was dedicated and committed to work while in service.

Prof. Badejo further praised Prof. Adewolu, acknowledging him for the standards imputed in the book, which depicts advantages of physical and urban planning in curbing many natural disaster.

The Academic reiterated that, town planning was unarguably important in the governance of the nation, hence it would help the government in settling up pre-planned actions in safeguarding against many natural disasters, such as earthquake, flood, tremor, land slide, building collapse, among others.

He added that, such individual like town planning Adewolu was needed in the country, one who could share his or her knowledge and expertise through writing and documentation, in order to enlighten the public, on ways to set things in order in our environment.

Prof. Badejo asserted that, such efforts made by the Special Adviser to the former Governor of Ogun State on Physical and Urban Planning, deserved to be praised, noting that, the newly launched novel would facilitate plans and ideas for the Government in achieving great and beautiful nation

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