LAGOS – A medical practitioner, Dr. Sunday Adepoju, has berated the perpetrators of Female Genital Mutilation, describing the practice as evil and unscientific.

He said though the clash and the long-drawn battle between African traditions and civilisation may never cease, the war against FGM must be seen as a collective one to save the girl-child.

Adepoju made this submission at a public lecture in Ikare Akoko, Ondo State, where he roundly condemned the practice of female circumcision across the continent of Africa. The public lecture was organised by his Alma mater.

He told the gathering of over 500 people that the process of FGM involved the cutting of some or all of the external female genitalia of the girl-child.

According to him, “The practice is carried out to reduce the female libido, which results in loss of the woman’s sexual pleasure. The traditionalists claimed it is aimed at reducing or eliminating the sexual urge of the girl-child in order to keep her from sex until marriage and also to discourage extra-marital affair.”

The medical expert revealed that FGM “is a risk factor for dysmenorrhea, obstructed labour and postpartum hemorrhage”, adding, “Infections are also being contracted by victims in the process as razors are repeatedly used without being sterilised.”

Adepoju stated further that clinical cases indicated that indulgence would result in lower and mean sexual function.

The outspoken medical practitioner noted, “Half of those that had been cruelly circumcised complain of lack of appetite for sex or simply said they experienced pains and unmitigated medical complications, as the case may be”.

In spite of the laws put in place by the Nigerian government to stop FGM, he said, “It appears there is sloppy or no enforcement of the law; hence Nigerian girls still go through this horrific, barbaric traditional and cultural practice, which made a young couple to abscond to an unknown location for the safety of their daughter.

Citing the recent case of one Afinni family in Lagos Island, Adepoju said both the husband and wife had to run away from their Lagos residence following pressures from extended family members that their only daughter, Miss Afinni Inioluwa Esther, must be made to undergo the genital mutilation practice as the family’s tradition demands.

He hinted that the parents of the innocent girl, who he identified as Mr. and Mrs. Afinni Abayomi, “were clever enough to have devised a way to outsmart their family members, who said the tradition must be performed, no matter the cost.”

Our correspondent gathered that the mother of the young girl, Mrs. Afinni Folake, had in the face of the pressures, vowed never to show up at the husband’s family house located in Central Lagos.


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