LAGOS – A Non-Governmental Organization, Beauge Foundation, has said plans are being made to take beggars out of the streets in Nigeria.

The Foundation has, therefore, called for support to help it carry out its plans to help the helpless and the homeless out of the streets.

The Founder of the NGO, Mr. Immanuel Oluwatobi Atonish, made this disclosure at a campaign held to empower beggars at the Ketu area of Lagos State. Over 40 beggars were empowered during the event.

Atonish explained that the foundation decided to take up the task of empowering this class of the society to address the rising impression of only taking from the elites that the beggars had created.

He said that the foundation had noticed that beggars had lost their potentials due to their attitude of only begging on the streets for temporary needs.

Atonish said that the foundation was set to help beggars identify their potentials.

He said, “We hope to lovely eradicate begging as a means of livelihood in the world by empowering beggars to become a blessing to the world.

“To create a system that empowers, transforms and integrates beggars back into the society as self-sufficient, not a burden but a blessing to humanity.”

“Apart from just meeting their needs, we would love to help beggars on the streets to identify their potentials, teach them how to create value and how to earn money themselves.”

The founder said they needed support from those willing to take out beggars on the streets.

He added, “I believe that there are people out there who won’t mind to be a part this: transforming lives for good.”

“It’s where a donor will be giving to transform the life of a beggar. They will provide the resource and we will provide the transformation but this concept will make the giver enjoy the joy of contribution.”

As part of the foundation’s empowerment, food, clothes, shoes, bags and other items were given out to beggars at Ketu.

“We gave out food, shoes, and clothes to them. We lifted their spirit with messages of hope. We did psychotherapy for some of them and some are already learning a skill,” he said.

A beggar identified as Abdul is already learning tailoring and which he had now does effectively.

Atonish said, “Abdul was a beggar but now learning how to sew male cloths. In fact, he made what he wears. His mother is dead, father is an old man (retired bike rider)

“We’re a beautiful bridge that transits people from where they are to where they should be.”

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