Igboho: Afenifere Europe condemns DSS Attack On Property, Killing


Afenifere Europe, the Yoruba Socio-cultural Group has criticised the Department of the Security Service (DSS) for attacking the property of Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Igboho and the murdering of two persons during the last Thursday’s mayhem in Oyo State.

Besides, the group, which said the DSS acted in a gestapo manner, likened the attack to the days of late Gen. Sani Abacha, wondering if the country had not returned to military rule in a democratic government.

A statement jointly signed by, Engr. Babatunde Siyanba, Engr. Kayode Ajayi and Dr. Seun Kolade, the Chairman, Secretary and Director of Strategy, respectively described the attack as unwarranted, especially when the DSS was yet to invite Igboho for interrogations.

Recalled that the DSS had confirmed the attack on Igbobo’s property in Soka, Oyo State early morning of last Thursday, carting away some valuables including money and jewelries in the process, while no fewer than 10 people were also arrested.

The group insisted that Igbobo is a bonafide citizen of Nigeria who was neither on the run nor asked to present himself by any court of law, maintaining that the attack was a violation of his human rights as a Nigerian.

The statement insisted that the declaration by the DSS that Igboho is now a wanted criminal indicated that Buhari regime and its agents had fully embraced a gestapo style to pursue a coordinated campaign of terror on citizens from certain parts of the country.

It added: “The DSS made this summary declaration without any recourse to proper presentation or examination of evidence and adjudication of the facts by appropriate judicial authorities.

“The DSS claimed that it had intelligence that Igboho had a stockpile of weapons. They have produced some images to support their allegations that those weapons belonged to Chief Sunday Adeyemo, and that he planned to deploy them as instruments of terror on Nigerian citizens.”

The group insisted that it was not in the purview of the DSS to make such allegations and also make a final adjudication on them, pointing out that the claims must be examined in a formal and thorough judicial process where a warrant was issued by a competent court to search Igboho’s home.

Besides, the group maintained that it had consistently raised the alarm about the wanton campaign of terror unleashed by armed Fulani herdsmen on peaceful, hapless citizens of Nigeria since 2015 when Buhari came to power, but the government was yet to take action on such dastardly acts.

The group alleged that these herdsmen carry loaded automatic weapons in broad daylight, take over the forests and the highways in Southern Nigeria, leaving a trail of wanton destruction and unmitigated misery in their wake, yet the government refused to act.

“Rather than take action, the Buhari regime has taken a callous and reckless approach in open and defiant support of gun-wielding terrorist herdsmen.

“General Buhari has not shown the slightest empathy for hapless citizens whose lives have been cut short and livelihoods destroyed by terrorist herdsmen,” the group added.

The group warned that it would kick against the plan by the government to treat the Yoruba as a second class citizen in Nigeria, stressing that Igboho was not the problem with the Nigerian state.

It said that Igboho had not made a declaration to unleash indiscriminate violence on Nigeria citizens unlike the Fulani herdsmen who daily maim, kidnap and kill those abducted.

It urged the Buhari regime to stop the wanton push of the Nigerian state into the precipice and charged it to retrace its steps as a democratically elected government.

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