Ijaye Muslim Community’s Disagreement With Egba Alake Muslim Community: Alake Urges The Imam Of Egbaland And The BabAdeen To Find Lasting Workable Solutions.


The Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, has asked the Egba Alake Muslim Community leadership to work out lasting and mutually agreed solutions to the disputes between it and the Ijaye Muslim Community.

Oba Adedotun Gbadebo made the pronouncement when settling the issue of marginalisation and discrimination complaints on the Egba Alake, lodged by the Ijaye Muslim Community.

The Alake urged both the Egba Alake and Ijaye Muslim leaderships to attend the next Egba Alake Muslim Chieftaincy Meeting or Ceremony and see how the sitting and functions arrangement would play out.

The Egba Apex Monarch also urged the Ijaye Muslim Leadership to give serious consideration to fuller integration by collapsing the age long One Stop Titles Aare Egba Muslims and Chief Imam of Ijaye within Egba Muslim Hierarchy and Functional Arrangements.

According to the Alake, the new arrangement might facilitate and fast track opportunities for the qualified Ijaye Muslim leaders to aspire and become the Chief Imam and the Balogun of Egba Muslim Community.

Speaking on the petition to the Alake by the Ijaye Muslims, the Aare Egba Muslims, Chief Solih Layi Labode, told the Alake and Egba Chiefs that, the Egba Alake Muslim Community had been serially and discriminately denigrading Ijaye Muslim Representatives from their age long positions.

Chief Solih Layi Labode recalled that Oba Ademola II, (1920-1952) the then Alake, pronounced that Ijaye be compensated with the second ranking Egba Alake Imanship, after the Egba Apex Monarch discovered that Egba Alake Muslim Community, had discriminated Ijaye and chosen another person from Egba Alake as Imam, in spite of Imam Olomu, the next in rank and better qualifications.

The Aare Egba Muslims, also stated that, before and throughout the leadership tenure of Dr Lateef Adegbite, both Chief Imam Ijaye and Aare Egba, were permanent members of Egba Muslim Community, adding that, the position of the Aare superseded that of the Bada, and in contradistinction of Egbaland Chieftaincy Declaration and subsisted during the period in question.

The Aare Egba Muslims also pleaded with the Alake to strongly warn some Egba Alake Muslim leaders to stop referencing Ijaye as Strangers Elements in Egbaland, even after being Egbaland for 160years, 32 years after Egba settled in Abeokuta.

Chief Layi Labode dislosed to the Alake that, it was this discriminating mindset that had always informed serial negative attitude to well populated Egba Homogeneous Township and its people.

Chief Layi Labode rounded off by telling the Alake that, the Ijaye Muslims decided to once again seek the justice of the Alake as an Institution of Justice, Fairplay.

In his reaction, the Chief Imam of Egbaland, Sheikh Sa’ad Bamgbola denied ever any knowledge of any such positions for both Chief Imam and Aare Egba within the Comity of of Egba Alake Muslims for both offices.

Egba Chief Imam Bamigbola however admitted that he was present when the immediate past Chief Imam told the Ijaye immediate past Aare that Ijaye Kurunmi were Stranger Elements in Egbaland, adding, he immediately corrected then boss, Sheikh Orunsolu that, the Holy Prophet Muhammad never discriminated against any Muslim, and Ijaye had been in Egbaland for over 150years.

Sheikh Sa’ad Bamigbola called out Alhaji Ustas Alawiye, who claimed that he was following his Chief Imam father to Egba Muslims functions and the positions given to Ijaye were mere consolations after they complained of cheating when they thought it was their turn to lead as the Chief I’m.

The BabaAdeen of Egbaland, Chief Rasheed Raji said he had never been attending Executive Committee meetings of the Muslim Community

Chief Rasheed Raji argued that he had been asking Ijaye to prove that the hierarchical sitting positions were as Ijaye claimed.

He concluded that he was not aware that Chief Imam of Ijaye was sitting next to the Chief Imam of Egbaland.

During BabaAdeen’s, the Chief Imam intervened to say that Ijaye Imam should be sitting on next to him on the side of the Ologun Chiefs and this caused another disagreements between the two leaders

Chief Layi Labode also reacted to the submissions of the Chief Imam, Alhaji Alawiye and BabaAdeen as not correct in view of evidences produced, adding that, it was done to mislead the Alake and Egba Chiefs.

He claimed that he had been attending Egba Alake Muslims meeting since 2005, adding that, Ijaye claims were impeccably correct and institutional, noting that, it appeared that the Egba Alake core leadership were reverting to pre Oba Ademola II, who corrected the discrimination and self imposed schism among Egba Muslim Community then.

He told the Alake that the Ijaye Muslim leadership would consider His Majesty’s proposal to collapse the Ijaye Muslim title of Aare Egba Muslims and line up for seniority advancement through the ladder to the most adding that Imam Ijaye was already in the EgbaAlake System to the Chief Hierarchy.

Members of Chief Imam’s Cabinet present at the occasion included Olomu Ratibi, Olori Omokewu and Olori Adini Egba

Egba High that were with the Alake were Balogun Sikirullah Atobatele, Aare Ganiyu Babayeju, Baagbimo Alani Akinwale Oba Onitafin Moshood Adebayo and Baantun Kehinde Sofenwa.

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