The New Iyaloja of Egbaland, Chief (Mrs) Kemi Oloyede

The New Iyaloja of Egbaland, Chief (Mrs) Kemi Oloyede Speaks on Alake’s Role In Stabilizing Egba Markets.

Chief (Mrs) Kemi Oloyede made the remarks in a Newsflagship Interview in Abeokuta.

“God has blessed us with a very fantastic Monarch, His Majesty, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, CFR, Okukenu IV, who has been a very good father to all.” She said.

“He loves all of us indiscriminately. Everytime we go to him, he is always happy to see us, he is a very accommodating father, He is a very good King.”

“Since we have been having various Monarchs in Egbaland, this time has been exceptionally excellent, he is a Monarch that is focused on peace and development of the Nation, and for all Egba sons and daughters both at home and in diaspora, as well as visitors in Egbaland. He renders help to anyone that seeks help from him, without discrimination.”

“He advises us whenever we are having difficulties in any area, and when we follow his advice, things will go well for us.”

“Even during the time when the deadly Covid19 pandemic was very high in Abeokuta, he never ceased to enlighten us about the safety protocols that the government had laid down for us to stay safe and reduce the spread of the virus. He always emphasised that we should wear our masks especially when we are conducting our businesses, we should wash our hands regularly, and we should stay safe, also that we should obey the government of the day in whatever regulatory measures they have laid down for us.”

Oba Gbadebo is a Monarch that we market men and women love so much because he loves us too, we have been to other places and seen the difference, thus, we observed that our Monarch is really loving and accommodating and we also cannot toy with him, because he gives us listening ears, he gives us room to operate and to conduct our regular meetings even at the Ake Palace, which is every 15 days, and all market men and women in Egbaland meet.”

“He doesn’t fight with us or grumble at us, he has never done any bad thing to us, this has made us love him so much. We the market women love our Monarch, the Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland.”

“During this regime of Oba Adedotun Gbadebo, the Alake of Egbaland, various industrial markets have emerged, part of which are Itoku Market, the newly refurnished Sapon Market, the Government also made new, the Omida market, Panseke Market became new, we had new Market in Mowe, all the Market places that had no proper facilities, such as good marketing environment and even toilets now have enough during the regime of His Majesty, our environmental sanitation exercise stands firm, all Markets are kept clean, all that we could not understand before and that we lacked are now provided for. Abeokuta itself, which was not so in order in time past is now as it should be.”

“Our Markets are expanding and the crowd is present at the new markets. During this tenure of the Alake, we have had 25 markets in total in Abeokuta South alone, which formerly comprised 4 markets. We’ve had the same kind of development in Abeokuta North Local Government, Odeda LG, Obafemi Owode LG, Ifo LG, and Ewekoro LG. The markets are multiplying and the Babalojas and Iyalojas are also multiplying.”

“Looking at the Egba Apex Monarch from a personal angle, I think the Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, Oba (Dr) Adedotun Gbadebo, is a very good Human being, a good person, a good Monarch, he is a Monarch that every Nation prays to have, most especially because there is no riot or any form of pandemonium among market men and women during his tenure.”

“Before his regime, we Market people were so quick to disagreements and fighting, that we always destroy so many things and markets, but all the elements that would lead to that has been carefully avoided by the Alake.”

“He is a very great individual that loves both the young and the old, I cannot emphasise this as much as it should be, if anyone goes to him for help, no matter who the person is, he would ensure that he listens to the person’s needs, and he would provide the correct solution that such person truly needs.” She added.

“ During his tenure, a lot of great developments have come into Egbaland. In time past, one could not peacefully leave his or her belongings in the market surroundings, because it would eventually become stolen, all acts as such are no longer in existence since Oba Gbadebo has been on the throne because we now have standard shops that is comfortable and can accommodate visitors.” She continued.

“There are no market that use sticks and planks as shops anymore, our markets are now well developed and we are expanding.”

“Abeokuta has really experienced great development in the past 15 years. Even some forest areas have now turned into cities during Oba Adedotun Gbadebo’s tenure, some places that people didn’t even know that were in Abeokuta’s jurisdictions are now brought to limelight, and utmost civilisation.”

“Abeokuta is now well civilised and everything is going as they should, everyone is living peacefully, there is good ambience everywhere, and peace in all marketplaces.”

“Anything we need, we come together to discuss it because our Royal Father has given us the chance to conduct our periodic meetings at the Ake Palace every 15 days (that is twice a month), where all market men and women have the privilege to express their minds, problems and opinions so as to look for a way forward.”

“I really appreciate the Alake of Egbaland because he does not rob anyone of his or her worth, he always give to anyone what such person is worthy of. This allows peaceful minds to exist among market men and women, and is part of the qualities that had made the society to be problem-free.” “Kabiyesi o ki gbe omo Oba fun Osun!”

“He doesn’t give someone’s rights to another person and this had fostered the peace in Egbaland. I pray that he would live long on the throne of his forebears and he won’t die untimely.”


“My little advise for His Majesty is that he should not change in this manner that he is ruling, he should be saying ‘Amen’ at all times because we all pray for him all the time. He should keep doing what he is doing, all the love and support that he is extending to us is what makes the Egba Nation to continue to be pleasing to us all.”

“We are even calling out to Egbas all over the world that they should come home because God has given us a great Monarch. It is our fervent prayer that God would not take us away from his goodness and from his good leadership, also that the way he loves both the old and young, he should not change his ways, because this makes his mind and the mind of all Egbas to be at peace.”

“I also pray that he would live long and his recently concluded 15th Coronation Anniversary is just one out of the remarkable milestones that he would attain in life, he would carry out so many great things in peace, long life, and in great wealth. He would not mourn over anyone of us, God would preserve him for us and preserve us for him. The Olori, Chief (Dr) Mrs Tokunbo Gbadebo would also live long with him, none of their children would experience sorrow, and by the Grace of God, we would all have lasting and peaceful relationships.”

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