More Videos of Top Kaduna Politician Instigating Violence Emerge

Photo: The Guardian

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Scene of a violent attack in Kaduna State.

More videos showing Ben Bako instigating violence in Southern Kaduna for the coming elections have emerged.

Mr Bako is the Director of Media and Publicity of the Kaduna State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Campaign Committee. He is the immediate past information commissioner in Kaduna State.

He was seen in a video two weeks ago telling a crowd at a campaign rally to “deal” with whoever votes against the interest of PDP.

He was arrested by the State Security Service about a day after PREMIUM TIMES published the video. The spokesperson of the SSS in Kaduna, Al Koya, last week issued a statement saying the service will charge Mr Bako to court once investigations are concluded. The agency is, however, yet to charge him to court over one week after the arrest, contrary to Nigerian laws.

PREMIUM TIMES on Monday obtained four videos in which Mr Bako was seen making inciting comments against Governor Nasir El- Rufai and the governing All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kaduna State.

Mr Bako was said to have made the comments at Zonkwa town while addressing a group of PDP supporters.

Speaking in Hausa, Mr Bako told the group to kill anyone sent to the zone to campaign for the APC even if the person is his brother.

“I swear to God, even if he is my brother from the same mother and the same father, and he comes here to campaign for APC kill the bastard,” he said.

Apart from Mr Bako, a former chairman of PDP in Kaduna State, Yaro Makama, was also arrested by security operatives. The SSS is also yet to charge Mr Makama for any crime although he was caught on video making a statement that appeared to incite violence.

The PDP in Kaduna has since condemned the arrests and said it will not be drawn into any violent conflict no matter the provocation.

The Director-General of the PDP campaign organisation, Danjuma Sarki, who addressed the press, said: “We are calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Ben Bako after being harassed and illegally detained without trial for over 24 hours.”

See a full transcript of the first video of Mr Bako in Zonkwa below:

“If you are looking for a scientific criminal, who if he has his way of even blocking the air we breathe, if Rufai has the power to poison the air we breathe in this southern zone, he would have done so, so that all of us will die; neither Muslim nor Christian will be spared.

No one here should assume that we are talking about Rufai the Muslim, every true Muslim knows that Rufai is not operating on the fundamentals of Islam, all those calling him Mallam will go to hell because no mallam will be placed on the pedestals on which he operates aimed only at making people suffer to death.

Any Muslim that calls El Rufai Mallam is surely going to hell and all that he studies must be fake.

You said there should be no insults, I am sure you said so because you are looking for an elective position. As for us, it is time for insults and we will do it.

May God bring calamity to the one who made our people die during screening. May God expose him, may God also deny sleep to those relying on him.

As for our people who were used to come and embarrass us and call for change, the change was made, let them come and tell us what changed in their homes (heaps insults).

There are some of them who are ashamed of coming here since the election despite all the killings.

Here is a piece of advice; apart from the PVC, every village should amass fighting sticks (Gora) for beating useless people. Why are you laughing? It’s not a laughing matter because instead of allowing hunger to kill you just like that, it is better to die from protecting your right.

What is the way out now? You are up to say 100,000 or more in your village and only four or five boys will be sent from Abuja; you know them, you know their homes; even if he is my brother, kill the bastard and we will attend the burial.

I swear to God, even if he is my brother from the same mother and the same father, and he comes here to campaign for APC kill the bastard, I will help you.

It is better for my brother to die than for him to be part of a system that will make the whole community suffer.

The selfishness we are exhibiting is the reason we are in this calamity. Now is the time for people of Southern Kaduna to calm down; both Muslims and Christians because God has decided to make you an indigene here, you have no option. If you want to pray, just do your ablution, face the east and pray, no one will tamper with your reward. Same goes for traditionalists. But as far as the southern zone is concerned, God has kept us here.

So, now that the time has come, make sure that every polling unit is well guarded.”

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