By ‘Femi Orunsola

BEFORE any typical so-called Buharist out there quickly charge at me like a rabid dog, (as is typical of folks in our clime at this time), let me state unequivocally that Freedom of Expression and the Right to Hold and Share Opinions are Two Fundamental Corollary of Democracy Enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Other Universal Charter on Human Rights.

So, given that background, permit me to proceed in this piece targeted at articulating why I personally will not vote for Buhari, and by the same token, think you should not vote for President Muhammadu Buhari come February 16, 2019.

I am not a “Buharist” in the very first instance.I am a Nigerian.A rational Nigerian at that.For how can I actually vote for a man who said and I quote” I belong to nobody and I belong to everybody” in his BBC rated best quotes from Africa in 2015 speech.

No. Not at all. I am not and choose not to be a Buharist.(The coinage is in itself ladden with negative meaning and coated with political psycophancy from the pit of blind heroism and hero worship).

Having established my nationality and neutrality, first as an informed Nigerian citizen who can as such inform others, I make bold to say that I have every constitutional right to cast my vote for Buhari in his joint ticket with Prof.Yemi Osinbajo under the umbrella of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

And indeed I will cast my vote for Buhari as President NOT because I am a Buharist chanting “Sai Baba” (all over the place and ever ready to exchange verbal missiles with friends and foes on social media in defence of Buhari)

But because I really do love my country and like Martin Luther King, I have a dream of a new Nigeria! A new Nigeria where institutions are strengthened and things work!! (Even the blind can see that the building blocks for these are already laid by Buhari’s government)

A new Nigeria where politicians prioritize the institution of a system that works!! A society where the culture of impunity, brazen corruption and looting of public treasury by the political class, transferring the nation’s common wealth into private pockets of a selected few are changed for good!!!

I have a dream of a new Nigeria where political gladiators and their jobbers and croonies can no longer siphon huge sums of money meant for building good roads,rail system and other essential infrastructures across the nation into invincibly invisible accounts yet such people(who should rot in jail,) have the guts to tinker with the destiny of unborn generations of Nigerians, as they still patronise the corridors of power.

The above core reasons are my personal RATIONAL basis for choosing to cast my vote for Buhari as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, come February 2019- and not because he is a moslem and I am a Christian.Or because he is Fulani while I am Yoruba.Or because I am a Buharist.NO! Never again should we as a people confine decision taking on issues that affect our national lives to the sheer realm of sentiments and ill-informed emotional intelligence.

I have been a strong open critic of Buhari’s adminitration when and if the ocassion warrants it these last couple of years and I will so remain for that is the beauty of democracy!

Under the current national circumstances, I unapologetically believe that my country deserves to re-elect Buhari/Osinbajo to enable the duo set the nation properly on the course of the rebirth of a new Nigeria within the next four years lest the cummulative gains of the administrations strides be reversed by the emergence of new government that may orchestrate a momentary socio-economic jamboree that will invariably plung the country into the depth of impunity, national treasury looting ( all in the name of privatisation) that will return the country into the pockets of a selected few.

The masked political elites who would rather have the privatized federal republic of Nigeria back in their pockets, served on their table of advanced greed and swallowed into their long and lenghty throats!

So, I am not actually going to vote for Buhari/Osinbajo but I will cast my votes for Buhari’s re-election in the overall interest of my country Nigeria and our unborn generation of Nigerians.As such, we can change our old perrenial national narratives of abject poverty in the midst of plenty like the Asian Tigers, UAE’s Dubbai and other countries where things work!

I hope you find these reasons rational enough for you to re-elect President Muhammadu Buhari come February, 16th, 2019.Not just because of Buhari or out of any myopic, parochial sentiments but because of a Nigeria that must be set on auto-pilot as a country where institutions work and governance delivers dividends of democracy to the entire citizenry following a specific national blueprint and master plan built on integrity, transparency, leadership by example, great leadership will power to make things work(notwithstanding the frailties and weaknesses of the human body) and not the facade of political hypocrisy sugar-coated with articulation, oration and ultimate intent to destruction of national heritage on the altar of personal aspirations and ambitions.

I am not a Buharist and will never be! I am a Nigerian.

I will vote for Nigeria’s future.I will actually vote for Buhari/Osinbajo joint re-election on the basis of these aforementioned points.
God Bless Nigeria!!!!

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