Says Olota is a tenant in Egbaland

Abeokuta- The Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Gbadebo, has restated that Egbaland would continue to install Obas, Baales and Community leaders in areas within its jurisdictions.

According to Alake in Council, these areas geographically and historically include, Gbalefa Peninsula, comprising Atan, Iju, Adekoyeni, and others, as well as Sango, Ijoko, Itori, etc.

Addressing a Press Conference last Friday, the Alake stated that the Olota or anyone that disagreed with that fact, should go to Court rather than engaging in acts of self-help, that might lead to violence, and other forms of terror.

The Alake  reiterated that, the Olota of Ota, Oba Abdulkabir Obalanlege and residents of Ota are under the prescribed authority of the Alake.

The Egba monarch affirmed that, Ota land was a conquered territory by Egbaland in 1917, saying Ota and its environs were under the then Egba Native Administration and the Alake. 

It would be recalled that, the Olota of Ota, Oba Abdulkabir Obalanlege had penultimate week through the Olota-in-council accused Alake of Egbaland of installing non-Aworis as royal fathers in Aworiland of Ogun State. 

Oba Obalanlege through the Seriki of Ota, Bashorun Olanrewaju argued that, the Olota of Ota is the prescribed traditional authority over all lands, towns and villages with the suffix, Ota, including Sango, Gbalefa and all others. 


But the Alake-in-council on Friday emphasized that, Ota, Sango, Iju, Gbalefa, Abule Lemomu, Oke-Ore, Adekoyeni, Atan among others were part of lands and settlements captured by the Egbas during war against Ado-Odo in 1843.

He added that, between 1853 and 1900, Ota was ruled by the Egbas through their Residents representatives which till date made the Olota of Ota a member of the Egba traditional council. 

He said despite series of courts’ decisions on issues brought against Alake’s position in all Egba physical and geographical areas which reconfirmed the legal and traditional jurisdiction of Egbaland on Ota districts, the Olota of Ota and his chiefs resorted to self-help. 

“For those who have little or no knowledge about Ota and its environs or district, between 1900 and now, the Ota people were within the prescribed authority of the Alake. For instance, it was Oba Gbadebo I, the Alake, that appointed Oba Aina Ako, the Olota in 1901.

“So, Ota and Gbalefa districts from the early time were all under the then Egba Native Administration and the Alake. Ota historically, administratively and through right of conquest of 1841 fell on Egba Administration as part of Egbaland. The Olota of Ota, Oba Abdulkabir Adeyemi Obalanlege, is currently an active member of the Egba Traditional Council. 

“We are worried that, the Olota and his Chiefs have been involving themselves in self-help by engaging in violent visits to Egba towns and villages within Gbalefa, Iju, Atan, Ijoko, Itori, Sango and others. “

The Alake-in-Council also revealed that the Olota and his people have in fact been on a sort of prowl, by laying fallacious claims to Gbalefa Peninsula.

It explained that, legally, historically and administratively, the Peninsula, which comprises, Atan, Iju, Abule Lemomu, Oke-Ore, Adekoyeni, and others, were never and till date, never been part of Aworiland.

In actual fact these areas were conquered from the Egbado people who the Egba accused of colluding with Dahomeans to attack Abeokuta and other parts of Egbaland.

It is therefore ludicrous that Oba Abdukadir Olanlege and others could in modern day be going on expedition to take land that never belonged to his forbears.

Egba Obas, Baales Chiefs and Residents who attended the News Conference at the Ake Palace that Friday, (31 May, 2019), revealed many stories of marauding, robberies of farm produce, and other acts brigandage in the Gbalefa Peninsula.

Alake therefore called on the Ogun State Commissioner of Police to intervene in the excesses and one-sided activities of the police instigated harassment of the Egba indigenes in the area.

The Onipanu DPO, was reported to be carrying unlawful instructions of the Olota and others, by looking the other way when Egba areas were being attacked by the Aworis and on some occasions, hired  and highly feared Omo-Onile  Hoodlums. 

It may interest members of the public to learn that the Aworis might be planning to install some of these Ajagungbales as Obas and Baales in Egba lands, as their long term plan to illegally secure a hold on parts of Egbaland.

The Alake-in-Council wishes to assure that, as in the past, it would resist and defeat all illegality, threats, brigandage and other acts of violence by Oba Olanlege and Aworis. We wish to assure the public, that, this is not a direct response to the “WAR CRY BY THE NON-AWORI-BORN SERIKI OF IFO.” 

Rather, it is a restatement that, Egba shall fight and resist all acts of violence through lawful means of self-defence and law, as they call the attention of Ogun State Government and Commissioner of Police to the excesses and exuberance of Oba Olanlege and his agents. 

Prominent Obas, Baales, Chiefs, Residents and many stake holders from Egbaland were in attendance at that news conference. 

They included; the Olu of Sango; Oba Gbohun Adebayo – Olu Of Sango, Oba Alao Tepede, Chief Biodun Showunmi-Alatan Elect, Oba Samuel Adisa Sodeinde-Olu Of Iju, Rev.(Dr) Ebenezer A. Oyeyemi.

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