Procession To The Lisabi Groove; Prominent Egba Chiefs Express Opinions On The 35Th Lisabi Festival.


As usual, the 2022 Lisabi Festival is being attended by many Egba Compatriots, not only from Egbaland, but also from all parts of Nigeria, the West Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Some Egba in Diaspora, that took part in the Processions to Igbo Lisabi on Thursday 3rd of March,2022, included the Lisa of Egbaland, Ayinla Olaogun, the Akogun- Adebayo Soyooye, the Odofin- Kola Akintoye, the Asiwaju Onimo-Ero- Adeniyi Akanni, the Aare Baasegun Owolabi Odulate Alabukun, the Balogun Itoko- Sakiru Adesina Olajide.

Like their Compatriots at home, they have been expressing opinions on this year’s Festival.

The Akogun Egba, High Chief Adebayo Soyoye, based in Canada, described the Lisabi Festival as the celebration of past heroes and the celebration of present patriots in Egbaland.

The Akogun of Egbaland noted that, Lisabi stood for the freedom of his people from oppression, despite knowing the might of their opponents, he stood his ground and never back down.

The Balogun Ilawo said that, Lisabi Festival had also given everyone a motivation that, whatever they could do to assist others who were less privileged in the society, should be prioritized adding that, people would continue to pray, appreciate and remember the good deeds that he left behind.

Speaking further, he reiterated that everyone’s orientation should change towards how their children were being handled, which would make the youth to be more responsible and reliable to what was economically buyable to the development of the country and to Egbaland.

He explained further that, the situation in the world doesn’t give room for them to make this year’s Lisabi festival the way, they wanted, because the world was in pandemonium, for instance the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Chief Soyoye added that, there was no stability of peace over the world and the economic structure of Nigeria was not in a good shape and all Nigerians needed to do was to pray for the country.

He also said, they were striving hard to make the Festival to be more attractive but by God’s grace, next edition would be greater and better than this


The Asiwaju Onimo Ero Egba, Chief Adeniyi Akanni, who is attending the Festival with five family members from Canada, said he had always planned family holidays to coincide with the Festival and this year’s edition had been very rewarding.

He added that the programme contents were educating, entertaining and full of cultural enlightenment.


The Odofin Egba, High Chief Kola Akintoye, who came all the way from the United Kingdom, urged all Egbas, at home and in Diaspora to make Lisabi Festival a cultural duty by encouraging other Compatriots as well as non Egbas abroad, to come and participate in the Annual Festival.

Chief Akintoye argued that this would boost Tourism and Economy in Egbaland.

Speaking further, he said that, Lisabi festival was celebrated to remember our past, according to a Yoruba adage, which says “Who ever forget his/her source, such person is finished”

Chief Akintoye reiterated that, Lisabi Festival was an achievement to him and to the people of Egbaland and we could encourage ourselves so as to do better or more.

He commended the theme of this year’s Festival, “Youth inclusiveness in the Socio-Economic Development of Egbaland.”

The Odofin Egba noted that, the youth needed to change their orientation because of the things that were trending all over the country and also to all parents to look after their ward(s).

He added that, the youth were the future of the country and of the Egbaland but the youth had been manipulated in a negative way, hence calling on the youth to come together with the elderly ones in the society so as to develop the country and Egbaland effectively and efficiently.


The Balogun Itoko, also referred to as Balogun Manchester, Chief Sakiru Adesina Olajide, noted that he had always been a regular attendee at Lisabi Festivals, because it was a forum that united all categories of the Egba indigenes at home and abroad.

The Balogun Itoko disclosed that the Festival had always been his personal pride because it showcased the best cultural and traditional aspects of the Egbas.

He said that, Lisabi was Egbas benefactor, who fought for the right of the Egba people from the others who enslaved us back then, and we celebrated him annually for his historical act.

Chief Olajide stated that, he emulated Lisabi character in the act of helping the less priviledge by giving out amount of #25,000 each to over 200 traders this year.

He explained further that last year festival couldn’t take place but on his own, he gave out scholarship awards to pupils in Itoko township.

The Balogun Itoko also disclosed that, in terms of tourism, the Lisabi festival had been taken to another level, adding that,  people from Ekiti, Ilesha and other parts of Nigeria were present in this year’s Lisabi festival to see how the festival was being celebrated and how attractive it is

Chief Olajide also urged the youth, base on the theme of this year’s Lisabi festival, that they should take a step one after the other so as to develop the Egba nation and the country at large economically, socially and financially.

Speaking to Newsflagship Reporters at the Lisabi Forest, the Lisa of Egbaland, Chief Ayinla Olaogun congratulated the Alake and the entire Egba race for the success of this year’s Festival, especially the all inclusive activities, which he described as veritable ways to unites Egbaland.

Chief Olaogun said that the Lisabi Festival was being celebrated to give thanks to their forefathers that serve the people of Egba diligently and it was very important to recognize them, so that other people can know about their historical achievements

He further stated that, they needed to have an historical place to keep the memories of the past heroes of Egbaland in general, as well as making the Olumo, Shrine and some historical activities like the Olomolu Women that came from all part of Yorubaland annually to celebrate the goddess of Ijaye River at Gbaagba-Ijaye and many others part of the historical places where outsiders and foreigners could visit as Tourist Centres, so as to educate our people that, the tradition and culture of Egbaland still exist

He further explained that, the Lisabi festival couldn’t take place last year because of safety reasons as described by the Government due to pandemic and nothing had change its course from not holding this year.

The Prayer Drink of Lisabi Festival 2022
The Prayer Drink of Lisabi Festival 2022

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