Reality Of Life After NYSC


It’s obvious that the expectation of every graduate is that, after the one year of National Service, he/she will get a good job and start living a comfortable life. But truth be told, this is not always the case if not completely impossible. So, in all sincerity, there is a need for a ‘Plan B’, considering the present state of the nation’s economy. The big question is where can we start from as fresh graduates?

Knowning fully well that General Muhammadu Buhari, the President of the country do often advice that the young graduates not to rely on government for job. In an interview recently, he said and I quote; “Education Not Ticket to Govt Jobs,” as he also encouraged that youths use their education and exposure to improve themselves.

Becoming effective is the only way for us to live well and comfortable. As we all know that our society is waiting for our rising. We are in the society where parents and guardians believe that training their kids or assisting a child end the moment after their graduation from the higher institutions unless for few lucky ones. Once you are out of the higher institutions, you’re On Your Own.

How do we then pay our parents and guardians back for their sacrifice on us than to look inwardly to discover how we can strive to achieve the life we wish to live and also be a blessing to the society.

Becoming effective is our adequacy to accomplish a purpose, producing anticipated or conscious results and producing a deep or vivid impression.

As we leave the scheme into the real world with expectations from family and friends. I will encourage you to figure out what you want to do after your year of service and do proper planning towards making it work. Lack of adequate planning would leave you clueless, confused and stranded along the way.

NYSC has given us the opportunity to acquire certain skills at no cost during our orientation course and we are encouraged to continue the learning during the service year. So, if you are among the lucky ones who acquire this skills and good at it, I think this is a great thing to start with. Ensure that you are best in what you do, put more effort in using this as a source of income for yourself. If you wait till you have a huge amount of money before starting up a business, years may pass by without you doing anything, so it is better you start where you are. Make use of the little savings you are going back home with after service to start up something, do not despise the days of your little beginning. Think on giving the skill you acquired a business approach, develop a business mindset for it and you will excel by the grace of God.

However, those  that couldn’t acquire any skill and do not have any handwork should also make plan of starting a business of their own. Whatever it is you want to do, you need to make up your mind and be conscious of a plan, take some time out to figure out your passion, what you want and then make plans towards that direction.

The bottom line is to try as much as possible to avoid being idle after service year because an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. Lay your hands on something; I mean something legitimate.

In line with this, we would have to explore every avenue at our disposal, one of which is making use of our talent or potential.

Every individual is created with an inherent ability to do something with ease and do it better than any other person. Look deep into yourself and find out what your gift is and make use of it.

Although, while doing all of these as fresh graduates, connect with people that matters and don’t forget to also search for job if you still wish to. Waiting for job is very wrong and depressive, we have to be actively involved.

The Reality of Life after NYSC is not what we think it to be, it has to do with being effective, focus, discipline, smart and determined to succeed.

Like the Boys Scout Motto: Be Prepared.

Abolade Bolatito Ifeoluwa

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