“I Shall Never Deviate From My Mission To Rebuild Ogun State And Continue In The Part Of Honor And Integrity.” …Dapo Abiodun Tells Ogun State Elders Advisory Council.


“I Shall Never Deviate From My Mission To Rebuild Ogun State And Continue In The Part Of Honor And Integrity.” …Dapo Abiodun Tells Ogun State Elders Advisory Council

The Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, has again said said that he would not deviate from his mission to rebuild Ogun State and also continue in the part of honor and integrity.

The Governor restated this pledge while responding to his endorsement for a second term as the Governor of the State at the OBAS Complex OkeMosan on Friday 6 May, 2022, by the Governor’s Elders Advisory Council.

Prince Dapo Abiodun described the proclamation by the Elders as a position of trust,

Prince Abiodun pledged that he would continue to do what he was elected into office to do, my being being inclusive, accountable, responsive, just and fair.

He informed the Council that his administration’s efforts this year would be concentrated more on electricity generation and water to further boost the socio-economic development of the State.

He disclosed that his focus this year wouldl be on electricity generation and water supply. because his administration felt that those were the areas that need to immediately work. upon.

He said his Government had continued to implement the ISEYA Programmes without leaving any part of the State behind, promising that je would complete any project that had a direct impact on the lives of our people, which he said was being g done already.

He reiterated that his administration had touched all sectors of the State economy and ensured that all parts of the state were treated equally in the distribution of projects.

The Governor, informed me Advisory Council of Elders, that one of the signature projects of his administration, the cargo airport was progressing steadily.

He pointed out that the airport that for many preceding years was just an idea, but to the glory of God the runway was being asphalted as we speak, adding that the airport would be truly an international cargo airport and passengers airport. By the grace of God on or before December 2022, as an aircraft would land at the airport, signalling the commencement of air traffic operations at the airport.

The Governor thanked the Elders for believing in his ability and for endorsing him for the second term in office and noted that their action would propel him to work harder.

He said that what happened that afternoon could only further motivate him and his team to which he owe all the successes you showered on us.

Prince Dapo Abiodun appreciated the Elders for helped in managing issues at the local government levels. You have helping him through their advice and counsel.

He pleaded with them to continue on that path of honesty by superintending on issues that would bring peace in the State especially during this political era.

Heles Amerika

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