An Egba foremost businessman and the Atunluse of Egba, the Group Managing Director of CourteVille Business Solutions Plc, Dr Adebola Akindele, has identified a major problem in the re-sustaining of our Cultural Heritage, which is lack of adequate maintenance, and has set out to tackle this major challenge by putting in place all the necessary personnel and items.

The Egba Chief made the assertion on Saturday, 3rd of April, 2021, during an interview with a Newsflagship reporter.

Dr Adebola further disclosed that CourteVille Business Solution is a 16 year old e-business vocational company not only in Nigeria but across the West Africa region, adding that the Company had been a PLC for about 12 years now.

“What we do is to provide e-business solution towards solving a lot of daily human or Nigerian needs, things that we go through daily in our lives.” He said.

Dr Adebola also disclosed that One of the Company’s flagship services is their auto-registration services for motor vehicle owners not only In Nigeria but across the continent.

According to him, CourteVille Business Solution Plc, also works with State and Federal Government agencies, such as Nigerian Insurance Association (NIA), and get to be relied upon by EFCC, DSS, and many other security agencies in trying to carry out investigations of crimes.

“We are a socially responsible and conscious entity, once a year, we hold our curview weekend, where all staff across the Country gather together and socialise.”

“There are about 250 staff, the Company has over 2000 shareholders, and we spread across 25 States of the Federation.”

Speaking on his Chieftaincy Titles, the Managing Director stated that Chieftaincy Titles are what comes with the fact that one has an interest in the socio-cultural environment that one have found oneself in.

He further said that we all have to do whatever we can do to help the Community, being a major stakeholder in all we do.

“The titles are just as significant as a reflection of what people that add value and relates to the environment receive in return for their good works.”

“It is the environment that has allowed us to do what we do, If the environment was not friendly as a key stakeholder in our operations in life, we would not have attained our current position.” He stated.

“You don’t have to look for recognition, recognition will find you when you do the right thing.” He added.

“This title is not really just mine, it is for what everybody does and I’m just the face,”

Dr Adebola also noted that we have to be very conscious of our environment as a social entity and take care of it.

“I remember earlier when the Alake of Egbaland was telling us about the history of the Idi-Ere and the Summer Gardens section of the Ake Palace, we didn’t even have to know about these things before we knew what to do.”

Dr Adebola also commended Prince Lasile, stating that he had been of immense assistance in this area.

He further said that the refurbishment and redesign of the historical Garden is not ended, adding that It is a continuous exercise.

“When we went to see the Idi-Ere structure this afternoon, I wasn’t happy with what I saw, It was all covered with dust and some things were not as they should be.”

“One of the major issues that we have in resustaniing our Cultural Heritage is lack of maintenance and what I plan to do is to have the Curator of the exercise, Mrs Esther Odanga, to be in charge, outside the structure of the Palace, in terms of Staff resources in maintaining the items there.”

“They have to be properly maintained so that they can remain attractive for Tourism.” He added.

“As a matter of fact, as we were there this afternoon, one of my Personal Assistants had called the suppliers of the fans and they are already in Abeokuta as we speak, twelve of them.”

“But beyond that, there are some other arrangements that had been put in place and they would be fixed over a couple of weeks from now.”

“As said earlier, it is a continuous thing and I am committed to once a year be a part of a project in Abeokuta.”

The Atunluse also commended the Egba Paramount Ruler, Oba Adedotun Gbadebo, stating that he is a very active Monarch who prioritise the development of his people.


“Like I said, recognition would find you when you are just doing the right thing, even though I am an Egba man, I did not know him beforehand, We only got to know him on one of our trips to Abeokuta as a Company, and that was when not only him, took interest in us.”

“All we just need to do is think of what we can put in to the development of Egbaland.” He added.

“The Alake is a retired military person, very enlightening and well educated, very social, active in Sports and development, even in the corporate world.”

“I had always heard about him even before I met him as the Chairman of some company.”

“That is the only way you can come to appreciate what most of our traditional rulers get up to doing because if he had just been there without developing ways of attracting people of different works of life, we would not all be here, and one person cannot do it all.”

“So, he needs to bring us all in and even before we started taking about one thing, he has already mentioned the next project.”

“That shows that there is a lot of work to do and it is our prayer that the Almighty God grants us the grace to be able to carry out all desired protects.” He concluded.

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