Viral Video: Prominent Cleric Condemns Islamic School Over Beatings


Prof Abubakar Ali-Agan, prominent Islamic cleric, and Islamic school proprietor has condemned recent flogging incident at the Musbaudeen Al Islamy Arabic School in Ganmo, a town in Kwara which necessitated the state government to effect sanctions and probe against the school, recently.

Speaking on the incident to a Lagos tabloid via a telephone conversation, the professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies said that such corporal punishment is unislamic.

“Of course corporal punishment is allowed in Islam.

“But it shouldn’t go to such extent.

“There are ways such punishment should have been metted to yield the desired result and not promote needless controversy,” he said.

The school had embarked on publicly punishing a set of students including a girl while having it recorded on video.

In the video clip that has since gone viral, some boys numbering up to four were seen flogging each of the alleged errant students.

There hasn’t any official account as to the reasons for the flogging by the school.

But an account has it that after closing from the Modrasat (Islamic school), the students attended a birthday gathering of one of their friends in the town where they were given soft drinks like malt, fanta, coke and food.

But the Mudir at the school upon learning of the escapades concluded that alcohol was used at the party which Islam forbids.

Even more with distillation of the substance in small cheap, packages being sold openly these days, such suspicion of under age drinking may not be entirely without merit especially in the state.

The state government has however waded into the matter after public outrage over the viral video.

In press a statement, Rafiu Ajakaiye, chief Press secretary to Gov Abdulrahaman Abdulrazak, and one of the deligation that went to investigate the matter, said that a thorough probe on the matter is under way.

“Regardless of the explanations of the authorities on the development, the self-confessed consent of the parents and regret of the affected students, the government seriously frowns at the harsh beating seen in the footage.

“Consequently, the government has directed the setting up of an investigative committee, comprising Muslim scholars, leaders and government officials, to look into the issue while the head of the Arabic school, who admitted to directing the punishment, has been asked to step aside pending the conclusion of the investigation,” said Ajakaiye in a statement.

He also noted that government has taken the affected students to a public hospital for proper medical examination and treatment.

Prof Ali-Agan, however, commended the state government’s intervention in the matter, saying the action vindicates his advocacy for an Arabic Board to regulate the running of Arabic and Islamic schools in the state.

“We need to be on top of what people teach our children in these schools.

“We need to be sure that our children are not being indoctrinated and turned into Boko Haram,” he said.

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He further frowned at the trends were parents having spoilt their wards from home simply takes to an Arabic School for so called reformation.

“It doesn’t work that way,” he said.

“You can’t expect the Mallam to undo the damage already done to the child by poor parenting,” he said.

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