We Are Already In Our Future, Time To Decide- Adejojo


Youths are the leaders of tomorrow, this statement I have heard from my parents and elders far and closed to me thousand times right from my cradle till this time that I am now a youth.

The funny part of it, is that the said youths have been neglected and pushed aside by the leaders of today.

My fellow youths, it is now our time. We are already in our future and it is time to decide how our lives, our affairs and our economy are governed.

The forth coming general election is an opportunity for us the youths to determine how we want our lives, state and the nation to be governed.

The youths are the major determinant of the election. We are the one to determine who win and who govern us because we are in majority. We are more than them and obviously they depend on us.

My follow youths, brothers and sisters; let seize the opportunity this time around to vote for reliable, dependable and responsible youths at the pole.

Youths of Abeokuta South State Constituency I, let vote right this time. Vote for a youth in the forth coming State House of Assembly election on March 2, 2019.

Vote for an accessible youth

Vote for a reliable youth

Vote for a dependable youth

Vote for a trustworthy youth

Vote for Honorable Yusuf Temitope Adejojo

Vote for APC

And together we shall move to the next level.

By Abeokuta Youth Group

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