Yes! Messi didn’t deserve this Ballon D’or – Ronaldo


With a response to a social media post, indicating his approval, Cristiano Ronaldo, football legend and Manchester United forward, has practically set fire on the social media over the propriety of his arch rival Lionel Messi winning the Ballon d’Or on Monday for the seventh time.

Messi is topping the list of award winners for the prestigious trophy, which is given to the best football player every year, while Ronaldo, who is coming second with five wins, came a distant sixth position in this year’s assessment, the first time in 11 years he would be rated outside the first three.

In what appears his approval to the view that Messi should not have been given this year’s award, Ronaldo, captain of the Portugal national team, replied “fact” to a series of comments by one of his fans, which all but clearly spelt out why the Agentine legend.

The fan had under the Instagram name cr7.o_lendario, posted a massive rant on the platform after the event,claiming that Messi did not deserve to win and that Ronaldo had a better year by listing the achievements of both players within the period.

He wrote: “They still put the guy in 6th… Do you really think that 5 guys did more than him in the year? Never. He could fight for this award calmly and the fight would be good with Lewandowski who in individual numbers was incredible and Bayern had a better season than Juventus and has been having a calmer season than United, but at the national selection level… Cristiano was much better.

“And who does the prize go to? For Messi, who only won the Copa del Rey by Barcelona, he hasn’t scored a goal against Real Madrid since when Cristiano left, disappeared in the big games of the season, won the Copa America that was supposed to be every 4 years and do practically every year. “He didn’t score in the final or in the semifinal. And he’s been having a weak season with PSG individually. For Cristiano to win this prize he has to be 300% unquestionable. It’s no use scoring the most beautiful bike of the year, being champion of everything by club, top scorer of everything and scoring a hat-trick in the World Cup, they still find a way to take his prize.

“With Messi, it’s the other way around. He can do a low-key season, way below, they’ll always find a way to favour him and give him the prize. Theft. Dirt. Shame. Simply regrettable. Regardless of these awards, CR7 will always be the best in history!”

Responding, Ronaldo, who was quoted as denying that he once told one of the organisers of the event that his dream was to win more Ballon d’Or than Messi, and dubbed Pascal Ferre, Editor of France Football, who claimed he told him so, a lair, had commented facts, on the post.

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